Roberto EXPORT COIN is produced in Italy by  Roberto Sport , made ​​with the finest materials. Cabinet made from poplar plywood and MDF with a total thickness of 24 mm and melamine coated laminate. Mono block structure that guarantees absolute stability and reliability during the game. The weight of 85 kg makes it shock resistant and very stable during the game, the stresses of the players are not transmitted to the base and prevents the movement during the game.

Playing field shatterproof tempered glass is 5 mm thick and makes movement of the ball perfect. Table comes with shatterproof tempered glass cover that reduces noise during the game

The metal legs are ​​painted with epoxy powder and fitted with a non slip rubber caps for a total grip. Professional table with coin, designed for intense use in game rooms or environments

Supplied with 10 balls and 1 can of spray lubricant.


Dimensions: Length: 53.15" (135 cm), Width: 43.31" (110 cm), Height: 35.83" (91 cm)
Weight: 187.40 Lbs (75 kg)


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